Friday, July 1

It's Cost Effective!!

Totally adore these! They were on my to buy list when they were full price but thank god I stopped my self from purchasing these as I went and bought them in the H&M sale for a mere £10!! I can tell I'll be wearing them ALOT. Which is good. Infact it's great!
I also bought these bottoms for only £5. I've been after a pair of printed trousers that aren't saggy-butt MC Hammer stylee. These look sleek teamed with a black blazer or a leather jacket, grey vest and some fierce shoes. Definitely two items that I will be packing away for my London trip this month.


  1. I love your finds!! Those boots only £10! Good find!!

    SO sorry I am only getting back to your email now! Still trying to get around now! I came to your site and I would love to follow. However, there is no google follow! So What Ive done is put a link on my site to your site :) could you do the same as well?

    Love Top Style Advice


  2. Yeah totally! I've literally just put it on my links section :)


  3. great purchases!! I love them both!


  4. Those shoes are gorgeous!
    And only 10 quid! wow. bargain!