Thursday, August 11

Stylespiration: Kelly Kapowski

How can this girl not be one of my style icons?
Lots of floral prints, lots of denim, lots of pink, folded sleeves, super short shorts & skirts and big hair.


I still want this sweatshirt.


Very Malibu Barbie. I digg the tropical print.

This one is very me. You can't go wrong with classic cowboy boots and a short dress. I am also loving the oversized knit cardi, it screams 80s/90s but the pink keeps the look cute.

I wouldn't mind having these super cute yet funky shorts either.

I could carry on posting images of Miss Kelly Kapowski but I'll leave it there.


  1. Agreed. She is TOTALLY my style icon. I like that someone out there shares my view!

  2. She is my Fashion Icon! And I have to say we are briging back the 80's/90's looks I've seen some similar styles like her in 2012! I have to say that the 80's/90's looks are my favorites I love the oversizes baggie T-shirts and the high waisted pant's (there coming in shorts too, just saying) Kelly Kapowski is my favorite actris in ''Saved by the Bell'' <3 My point is that I just simply love her style and will keep on working on the 80's/90's looks on me. :)