Tuesday, November 22

Lady Gaga for Barney's

Since Barney's New York announced that Lady Gaga will be doing the VM for the festive season, I was dead excited! So this post is about what she came up with!! Extremely bonkers but I have to give it to her she is one creative Lady!

(The street partaaay)

(Gaga's Jewellery Display)

(Ornaments and accessories display on the 'GAGA' letters')

(Who does this display at Gaga's Workshop remind you of?)

Lady Gaga looked absolutely gorgeous in this custom made Chanel ballgown!

Finally here is my favourite part of the store...Hail 'Gaga's Boudior' It's one of the window display down Madison Avenue. Basically the reason why I love it is because it was inspired buy one of Gaga's famous hair do's. I believe almost all of the content is practically made from hair! Call it crazy but you have to admit it looks good.

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  1. lady gaga is amze!