Monday, February 27

London Fashion Week (Round 2)

Sorry guys, it has been awhile since I've posted. Hopefully you guys aren't bored of fashion week just yet, I thought I would do a little photo round-up of London Fashion Week.
I had the chance to see familiar faces from last season which was good, got myself a LFW goodie bag designed by Mulberry. The bag is actually pretty cool, I'll have a photo up in a post. Also managed to catch Ashish (which was amazing) along with doing some celeb spotting and munching on free salad thanks to Miss Creen. Some how managed to get interviewed for a magazine/vlog which was extremely random but I am looking forward to seeing that.

OH!! I have lots of street style photos coming your way. I might make it once a week thing to spread it out a little.

*Deep breath*

On that note please enjoy my blog and thank you for reading!

(All images are my own and copyright protected)

Want a London Fashion Week round up with some giggles along the way?... HERE YOU GO!
I love it. "Hash tag, totes amaze" ;D


  1. Lovely pictures! I found you via IFB! I am now following you!

    My blog is

    Can't wait to see the street style pics! :D

    1. I've followed back!
      And yaaay, I'm glad you're looking forward to it. Hopefully you guys will like it :) x

  2. Great photos! I so wish I lived in London sometimes! and your video cracked me up! Totes amaze!

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