Monday, March 3

Beauty Haul: NYX Shopping (UK)

So after years of watching YouTube gurus and spying on US hauls on beauty blogs I have finally come across NYX cosmetics on the highstreet in not so sunny England! Yaaay...

I know it's not as difficult as it was to purchase NYX products in the U.K  if you search online however with shipping costs etc. its nice to be able to find these in store, especially if you're a serial swatcher like me. Here are a few fantastic products I found at a Next store.

NYX Powder Blusher in Mocha - £6

As a blusher enthusiast I wasn't expected too much from this product even with the hype. But oh myyy, the texture and pigmentation was really good to say the least. There wasn't a huge deal of variety in store when it came to blusher shades but out of all the options this came on top. It's a beautiful peachy coral colour with no shimmer in sight.  

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Dark Brown and Milk - £5 each

The Jumbo Eye Pencil in Dark Brown is possibly one of my favourite purchases of this haul. I have yet to use milk as an eyeshadow base but the dark brown eye pencil is stunning when used to create a brown smokey eye. It's creamy, moveable and just glides on which is sooo good for a budget eye pencil.
NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Skintone - £7 

When I first swatched the lip cream I was slightly apprehensive to how it will feel on. The consistency is a funny one, it applies as a gloopy lipgloss (sounds gross I know) but soon as it dries the texture turns matte. The product claims intense shine which I didn't notice but I'm not sure if it's just this shade or on a whole.  The good thing is that colour pay off of the Xtreme Lip Cream is true to shade and it is long lasting. I think it's one of those products that you grow to like.

NYX Matte Bronzer in Medium - £8

You could probably tell from the photo that I used this product as soon as I bought it. It's such a beautiful shade not too brown and not too orange. I love that there is finally an affordable matte bronzer on the highstreet with various shades (There's 5 I believe). It is perfect to contour tan - medium brown skin just to add some definition.

Overall I am highly impressed with the colour pay off of all the NYX products I had purchased and currently building up a collection of their matte lipsticks.
Have any of you tried any standout NYX products? Let me know in the comments below.



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